Saturday, December 1, 2012

Grand Opening: Thought for Food Blog

     Novice is an over-statement when it comes to my culinary background. My experience; limited. With this very bluntly said and upfront, now let's get something else out there; I love food. Food is art. The creativity behind a new dish, the chemistry of the medium, the presentation of the product and the skill of the chef all come together to tingle your taste buds, make one smile, and warm the soul.

            My name is Sierra. I am 26 years of age and recently had my first miracle who was given the name Slater Thomas. I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and plan on continuing my education at a later date. I have always eaten more than my fair share, however, I balance it out with a good metabolism and fitness spurts. I always dreamt of having a man in my life to take me out to upscale restaurants and learn about food and drink through experiencing them first hand. Although I am the one taking us out, I am very lucky to have found the person who enjoys the fancy side of dining with me and even better, talking about the food, drink, ambiance, service and overall experience of the restaurant.  D.J., I believe, is lucky to have me as well to have had introduced him to these dreams and treat him to these meals. D.J. will be adding his commentary every so often, his thoughts will be posted in ORANGE. Thought for Food is a blog from an average-Joe(ette) that just so happens to enjoy the finer tastes that life has to offer. I enjoy cooking, but maybe more so, I enjoy when the professionals take me a whole new place just by their food they serve. This blog is not intended to attempt to teach about food, nor is it even probably a useful tool for those more accustomed to fine dining. It is simply from a girl who loves food to all of my fellow average Joes(ettes). Ratings will be given in these categories: Appetizers, Main Course, Drink, Service, Ambiance, Price and Overall Experience. My partner in crime, DJ, will also be giving his ratings for each of these, as stated earlier, they will be in orange. We will each give our Thoughts on Food, a recommendation and more than likely, a "CAUTION," every now and again.
            This blogging experience is new, so forgive me in advance if I take a while to get used to it. Another snag in this blog is that many of the places we have dined at and plan on reviewing, we did so way before the blog-plan developed. I can look at this pessimistically, that I have to jog my memory to give a better description of my experience at these fine venues, or I can turn my frown upside-down and just use it as an excuse to revisit each of the establishments for round number two. It delights me to look at the situation that way, as I get to jog my memory of what I ordered once upon a time and my thoughts on it, as well as create new memories with delicious (and even not-so delicious) food.
           My most recent endeavors being Angelo's 677 Prime and Provence, will be fresh in memory and posted relatively soon. However, in these up and coming weeks/months, I will be revisiting these restaurants, for a refresh, as I do not want to give only half of a review based on memory: Albany Area-  Blue Spice, Cafe Cappricio, Chez Mike, Creo,DP's, New World Bistro, Sage Bistro and more. In the Saratoga are- Chianti and Tiznow will need a revisit, however, Lake Ridge Restaurant will most likely be the first blogged from that area.
          I would love to post every week, however, with a newborn and a shallow wallet, once a month seems more realistic. I am excited to finally begin this adventure and I hope that my audience plays an interactive role and posts their commentary, as well as challenges us to a new place to review. I would be delighted to be your food-test-dummy.

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  1. Welcome to food blogging in the Capital Region. I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences.